Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Urchin and the Watering Can

For a while after Urchin first came to us we were worried about her fluid intake. As advised, we kept her on the dry food that her breeder had given her, but she wouldn't drink any water.

Then she let us know that she was more than happy to drink water. Just not out of a dish. She sticks her whole head in the watering can - we have to keep it full enough that she doesn't have to squash her ears completely to get out of it.

She will also drink from the bathroom taps, and rainwater in puddles, and from Paul's glass if he leaves it next to the bed, and she will drink cat-formulated milk from a saucer. Bet never, ever water from a dish.


The Cat's Mother said...

Watson prefers the swimming pool to a dog bowl!

Foodycat said...

I think Watson and Urchin have a lot in common!