Saturday, 22 May 2010

Urchin and the (toy) Mouse

Urchin has a toy mouse (or had - I haven't seen it in a while) that makes chirping noises when she rolls it over. But it isn't as interesting as I am when I have a camera. There are many more extreme close-ups of a hairy and curious nose than there are beautiful supermodel poses. This is a pretty characteristic picture.


The Cat's Mother said...

I have the same trouble. I have no idea how some people get their pets to pose for the camera. J&W vary between wanting to come to look at the lens and staring as if I was holding a gun.

At least you get some Supermodel shots.

Would Urchin like to come & help Bill with our rats?

Foodycat said...

We find that keeping a distance and using the zoom is the best way to get supermodel shots!

She would LOVE to help Bill with the rats!