Monday, 25 October 2010

Emotional blackmail

The downside of living with a vocal animal like a Maine Coon is that they tell you how deeply they are suffering. Even as I type Urchin is sitting behind my chair telling me that she is going to write to her MP about the cruelty that she is enduring. In this instance my major shortcoming is that I only let her have 15 minutes out doors this evening before it got dark.

But every weekend, when we sit in the conservatory drinking our coffee, we are treated to the most heartbreaking wails as she tries to dig her way to freedom. We generally last about 15 minutes before we cave in.


mscrankypants said...

She's the prettiest of manipulating guilt-trippers though!

Jude said...

Never mind. Just tell her the clocks go back this weekend!

Foodycat said...

Cranky - she is very pretty, that's how she gets away with it.

Jude - she can read the clock. If we tell her to go away until 9am she does!