Sunday, 4 July 2010

Urchin and the Chillies

Here is Urchin in December last year, in one of her favourite spots on the conservatory windowsill between our 2 chilli plants.

What a sweet cat. How pretty and innocent. Sitting like a picture on a box of chocolates. Just adorable, and in NO WAY a menace.

Then see the sight I came home to on Thursday night.
I suspect that she was chasing a fly up the window and the chilli got in her way. Fortunately the pot landed on the doormat and the floor tiles weren't chipped. The chilli lost a couple of branches, but it has now been repotted, and we wait to see whether it will survive the experience.


The Cat's Mother said...

poor Urchin. I hope she wasn't too scared by the noise.

Jude said...

Well, she was fed up that the chilli plant wouldn't play with her.

Silly Foodycat.